About The 1881 Project

What is it?

The 1881 Project is a repeating 18 month initiative to see all of Turkey's 81 provinces be challenged to consider the claims of Christ. While we believe prayer walking to be a wonderful ministry, The 1881 Project instead focuses on direct gospel engagement in any form whether that is sharing one on one, gifting literature to those interested, praying for people or using the creative arts in public proclamation.

Stories tell of hunger for Scriptures and the truth, religious leaders listening breathlessly to the Gospel, and people eager for prayer for healing. The Holy Spirit had clearly prepared the way.



Believers from Turkey and churches all around the world have partnered together in dozens of teams to see this project happen TWICE - in 2011/2012 and then again in 2014/2015. 

Teams saw hundreds of New Testaments distributed, many people prayed for, individuals coming to faith and some even being baptised! Intentional evangelism in provinces that are rarely visited by Christians and many that have no resident Christian witness has confirmed that God is working in these places!

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About Turkey

Turkey is often described as being at a crossroads - between Europe and Asia, between West and East, between developed and developing.

We believe that Turkey's 75 million people are at a crossroads spiritually. These warm and hospitable people are seeking identity that can only be found in Jesus.  

How can you be involved?  In 2017, we need people to PRAY and to GO. Prayer requests go out on the 18th of each month for 1-2 provinces and we will have prayer focus days every 81 days. We also need teams to go to all 18 provinces during 2017.  Click on the 'Get involved' tab and let's start talking.

Golhisar Burdur

Please pray and partner with us - it's Turkey's time.