Giresun ist eine attraktive und fruchtbare Provinz, die den Großteil der Haselnüsse produziert. Es gibt leider keine entsprechende geistliche Frucht, da alle Gläubigen weggezogen sind.

A conversation over Tea

Foto von Giresun

We went out two by two and while we were out we met some ladies who invited us for tea with them. We soon found out that one of the ladies was broken and was hurting - it was a sad story but we soon got into speaking about our faith. We said how Jesus can bring healing, new life and forgiveness. This conversation continued about who Jesus really is, and they listened well to what was said. They had heard a different story so it was new what we said to them. We said Jesus can heal your broken heart. At the end of the time with them they said it was no coincidence we met them and we also confirmed that was true. We gave them a copy of the New testament and are in conversation with them since we returned. Brochures and other Literature were also given out - may the Lord heal the broken hearted and set the prisoners free

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    A place that has no existing church but we do have some bcc contacts there. A fellowship not too far away is burdened to reach out to this area and... mehr hier

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