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In 2017, we will be sending prayer updates on the 18th of every month. Click the "Contact Us" button to sign up! Or join our live prayer meetings in İstanbul every 81 days.

Click on any of the red provinces on our map and you'll be able to read prayer requests for the province. Red provinces are the focus for 2017.

1881 Mugla 2015

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Get involved in 2017!

18 Provinces For 2017 In Wordcloud

2016 was a year of prayer.  In 2017, we will focus on 18 different provinces that are currently unchurched.  We have a need for Scriptures, Jesus films, and other literature to distribute. We need you to come and join us in evangelism.  We'd also love to help sponsor local believers who would like to travel to other provinces for the sake of outreach. Click the "Contact" button to get in touch with us for more information and learn how you can help support this effort. 

Be asking God for breakthroughs in these 18 provinces

Obviously our greatest need is for those who will reach out to the 18 provinces! Pray and let the Holy Spirit speak to you about where He would have you go. Contact us - there might be others who want to go to the same place!  Or get your own church or group of friends together and travel yourselves to one of the provinces. 

The 1881 Project team is here to help with training, advice and the literature and media you need - especially if you don't speak the language!  Contacts will be followed up through our own follow up system which means interested people will have the opportunity to receive additional literature, study God's Word on paper or the internet, receive a visit or be brought to a meeting of believers.