Karabük is an industrial province, though the town of Safranbolu is a charming and protected historical region. It was experiencing a recession even before the economic crisis of recent years. Karabük has no known believers.

Pray for Karabük

Photo from Karabük

pray that the team that go there will be bold and courageous to share the gospel - pray against any obstacles. Pray for those doing courses at the Bible Correspondence Course that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes and teach them the truth. Pray for a believer there who is bold will see many come to know the father and a fellowship be established in this place

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    사프란볼루 옛날 지역들을 돌며 기도하는 중에 가게 밖에 앉은 한 예술가 S를 봤다. 영어로 대화하는 것을 듣고 우리를 불렀다. 나에게 나무 조각하는 유명한 한 터키 시인의 글을 영어로 번역한 것을 교정해 주길 부탁했다. 나중에 그의 가게로 들어갔고 알브레흐트... more

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