Tunceli is one of the most mountainous areas of Turkey. Its attractive surroundings are marred by the effects of terrorism and unrest. A strong military presence makes it a difficult place to visit. But God has not given up on Tunceli.

Creativity in the park!

It was easy to start conversations but going deeper was much harder we discovered. However, one of the team met a lady and gave her a book to read. It appeared at first that she wasn't going to take it so we took it back but then she started to open up and said that she would read it and the conversation became much deeper. In the park we made balloon sculptures for any kids which was fun and with that event it opened people up more and so we could have some conversations. We were able to talk to one girl who knew English. She had the usual responses to the message but we then started to share our stories and also answer her questions too. We gave a NT to her and encouraged her to compare it with the Koran to find the truth. Later, another opportunity came our way to share about faith alone in Jesus as the way to heaven. This lady showed some interest and we have made a good connection with her for the future.

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    A beautiful place, mountainous and the people are very friendly. However, they have experienced much trauma, brokenness and suffering. We know of... more

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