Zonguldak is the largest coal producing area in Turkey but imported natural gas has reduced the need. Zonguldak's population is decreasing. Let's see the few believers grow into the first church in this province.

Hitchikers and a fisherman!

We found some hitchikers students and gave them a lift. We told them the good news and how its about grace. This interested them so we gave them some material and hoped they would contact some friends of ours to talk more. Later we met a fisher man who had a drinking problem and was lonely. He hadnt caught any fish which was unusual so he walked away. We met and talked with him and found out he was lonely and because of that was addicted to cigarettes and drink. We prayed for him to be delivered from his smoking and drinking problem. When we finished the prayer he said amen and throw his cigarettes away. We left him with a card to read and pray he will turn to the Lord

  • Pray for God's power to be revealed here!

    Pray for two guys to grow in their new found faith there, pray for their families and friends to also see the difference Jesus has made and for... more

  • A bookstall!

    Started here with a bookstall but was soon moved away by an angry person passing by. At this time we met someone we had connected with on a... more

  • A blessing in disguise!

    Thumbnail photo from Zonguldak

    During our time one of the team-members became ill and needed to go to the hospital. This became a blessing in disguise -she was able to share her... more

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